Why? Why?

"I've been for quite a few interviews in this last year but haven't been selected and I'm starting to get very discouraged. What can I do?"

Adam came across as being at his wit's end at the start of a group training session last week. I asked him to tell us about some of the interviews he'd attended and then why he hadn't been selected. Interestingly, he had only vague thoughts on why he may have been passed over in each case.

Where does he go from here? There are some essential steps to take.

  • Revue your interview. As soon as possible after every interview make notes about what went well and, more importantly, what didn't. Be thorough, be honest.
  • Wave your magic wand. If you're rejected, what would have swung it for you if you could wave a magic wand and step back in to the interview forewarned and forearmed?
  • Get ready. Even if you don't have another interview on the horizon yet, plan ahead. Based on the previous two points, what can you do between now and then to improve your prospects for next time?

Going into an interview looking drained, defeated and desperate is a sure fire step toward rejection. So no matter how small a point something may seem, any action you take will always help to move you forward and will keep you feeling positive.

Always ask yourself (and any body else for that matter) 'why?', but make sure to translate the information you get into positive action.