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Win-That-Job.com aims to help you get the inside track on your job hunt.

Free advice

There is a mountain of advice out there and Win-That-Job.com brings it to you, free of charge. Our blog posts, Pinterest boards and Twitter feed collate and deliver up to the minute best practice advice. Even better, for quick personal advice on a point, just ask us a question. Twitter or email work best.

Cost effective services

Free advice tells you what to do, but is that enough? Getting your CV reviewed by an expert, or practising your interview technique with an experienced professional who can give you qualified feedback and targeted action points, will help you up your game immediately. Access tailored services via the tabs above.

Winning a job is now more challenging than ever. There's a lot of competition and selection often involves several quite intense, closely competitive, stages.

  • Today, simply listing impressive qualifications and experience on a CV or application form is no longer enough to get you an interview.
  • Similarly, turning up for an interview in the belief that your qualities are already self-evident, even if they are impressive, will see you lose out.

Today's winners prepare thoroughly, both before submitting an application and before attending an interview. They will have:

  1. researched, analysed, prepared and rehearsed to the max, beforehand;
  2. calculated how to show more added value than the other candidates;
  3. established how their past can best show their future potential.

Win-That-Job.com aims to deliver the tools, training and techniques to help you become:

  • fully aware of the very best job-search, application and interview tools;
  • comprehensively prepared for both applications and interviews;
  • thoroughly rehearsed, before you even step foot in the interview room.

Your help to the inside track

NEVER hold yourself back. To quote Henry Ford – “Whether you think can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re always right.”

Contributors at Win-That-Job.com have spent many years recruiting people at all levels, across a wide variety of market sectors, for the full array of functional roles, including: sales; operations; finance and accounting; administration; marketing; management; supervision; technical functions; project management and so on.

They've worked at the sharp end, managing a department or running a business, so know exactly how and why managers and directors choose the people that they do when they're recruiting.

If you’re on a job-search, about to apply for a position or getting ready for a key interview, Win-That-Job.com aims to provide you with the skills to put you ahead of the pack.

Think about Henry Ford. Think big, and then think a bit bigger.

Go for it. Win That Job.