Resources to help your teenager

On the page below you can choose the tools, resources and training best for helping your teenager find direction, build their employability prospects and search for a job or training scheme place:

  • “A guide for parents: Steering your teenager toward a job and career”
  • “Winning that job”, our book, written by a leading careers professional
  • “Training to find and win a job and career” – a modular guided course
  • ”Coaching to find and win a job and career” – 10 tailored sessions 1:1

Parents' guide to helping your teenager find a job and career

FREE Guide For Parents: Steering your teenager toward a job and career

Our free 12 page guide gives straight-forward advice on helping your teenager with:

  • Choosing a career
  • Accessing careers services
  • Employability skills
  • Employment prospecting
  • Compelling applications
  • Winning at interviews

Compiled by Jon Gregory, Founder & Editor of and Nick Newman, Founder of National Careers Week, it includes an employer’s view from the John Lewis Partnership.

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Winning That Job: A guide for students and graduates

Winning That Job

This 200 page book is available in PDF, paperback and Kindle formats and includes material relevant for pupils and students. It covers the end to end process of job-hunting, from personal preparation all the way through to starting work. It provides in-depth information on the best-practice techniques for job-search, CV and application submission, interview preparation and handling nerves on the day.

It’s a light, easy, humourous and irreverent read built on the idea that job-hunting is a game – you just need to know how to play – and around the analogy that it’s a kill or be-killed jungle-fight where there’s only one survivor for any given vacancy.

Whether you read it yourself and then use the information to steer your teenager, or you buy it for them, the knowledge gained can cut the odds of winning a job from 1 in 100 to around 1 in 5. It helps reduce the risk of them experiencing endless rejection and strongly increases the odds of them getting the particular job they really want.

For around the price of a cup of coffee, the PDF version costs £2.99 whilst the A4 sized paperback costs £12.15, including postage. Use this link to pay with Paypal or a Debit / Credit card using Paypal’s services:

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If you’d prefer the Kindle ebook at £4.99, it’s here on Amazon >>>

Training course for job-hunting, application and interview training

Training to find and win a job and career

Knowing how to apply and interview successfully doesn’t come naturally. It’s simply a learned skill – practice makes perfect, as the cliché goes – and this course trains your teenager to show their best and perform well on the day.

Once learnt, the skills stay with them for life, making this the best personal investment you’ll probably ever make on their behalf.

This is not an academic course, it’s designed to build real-world job-hunting skills and each module concentrates on practical exercises and actions directly related to finding and winning a job or a place on a training scheme.

Modules deliver the training, knowledge and skills that school / college careers services struggle to provide, especially application and interview skills, but they also help teenagers to engage more confidently with those services for what they do well - finding specific career and employment opportunities. That gives your teenager the best of both worlds and strongly increases their chances of finding a job.

Each module is designed to take around an hour to work through. They’re taken at the pace that best suits your teenager’s needs. They can also be re-accessed and repeated freely, whenever required. It’s very helpful to re-run the interview module, for example, whenever another interview is coming up. The 10 modules lead your teenager step-by-step through:

  • finding or confirming their ideal work and career direction;
  • identifying and strengthening their own unique employability skills;
  • finding work-experience opportunities to increase employability;
  • engaging with available careers and employment services;
  • finding and applying for job and training scheme opportunities;
  • preparing winning answers thoroughly for interviews;
  • rehearsing using mock-interviews, following detailed instructions.

Every teenager is different so, as you prefer, you’re able to give them a module and either: leave them to get on with it; provide advice as required; or work on it with them. In any case, you’re able to keep track of where they are so that you can steer them, not have to control or supervise them.

The course costs £99.00, and comes with:

  1. Free lifetime access to modules and all updates
  2. Free email newsletters with news, tips and latest opportunities
  3. 100% refund if this program doesn’t help your teenager
  4. A promise that we don’t share email and contact details. Ever.

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1:1 online coaching for job-hunting, application and interview training

1:1 Coaching to find and win a job and career

As an intensive alternative, our coaching programme covers the same scope as the training course above, but is delivered through ten 1:1 sessions, working directly with your teenager, using a video link such as Skype.

This works in a similar way to Maths, English, French or Music coaching. Sessions are tailored to your teenager’s specific needs, to help them maximise their chances of winning the job and career they really want. The timetable of sessions is agreed to best suit them, but can be varied anytime.

Your teenager will experience training on preparing, searching, applying and interviewing for a job via a mix of: structured guidance; preparation exercises; guided actions; mock interviews; short presentations and feedback sessions.

Working intensively has several additional benefits:

  • Mock interviews are staged, with feedback from a professional;
  • Real (or sample) job adverts and applications can be worked on;
  • Specific problem areas can be identified and worked on;
  • Speech, body language and confidence issues can be improved;
  • Tailored ‘homework’ accelerates progress and employability;
  • Working with a careers professional provides inside-track knowledge.

Job hunting is a game with well-defined rules. Once your teenager knows how to play, their odds of winning will jump hugely. Even better, the skills they learn will stay with them for the rest of their career.

The coaching programme costs £400.00, and comes with:

  1. Free email newsletters with news, tips and latest opportunities
  2. 100% refund for unused sessions, if this isn’t helping your teenager
  3. A promise that we don’t share email and contact details. Ever.

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