Win-That-Job Training Programme

Win it before you're in it through research, preparation and rehearsal

You might perhaps have used coaching to help your teenager pass key exams, but did you know they can be coached to win jobs too?

They might know what role or industry they want to build a career in – but if they can’t win a place on a scheme or a job, your efforts so far risk being wasted.

The Win-That-Job Training Course

Our online step-by-step course focuses on preparing and coaching your teenager fully. At their own pace, steered by us and tracked by you, it gives them inside-track knowledge of the latest selection methods so that they end up being the one to hold that all important job offer.

They’ll experience training on preparing, searching, applying and interviewing for a job via a mix of: structured guidance; preparation exercises; guided actions; mock interviews; short presentations and feedback sessions.

The training programme coaches them through:

  1. Clarifying their job and career direction.
  2. Overcoming any limitations and barriers.
  3. Identifying their core strengths, transferable skills and added value.
  4. Showcasing the employability skills they probably don't know they have.
  5. Constructing and tailoring stand-out CVs and applications.
  6. Finding jobs to apply for and companies to approach.
  7. Preparing for telephone, video and face-to-face interviews.
  8. Building confidence and handling interview nerves.

Job hunting is a game with well-defined rules. Once they know how to play, their odds of winning will jump hugely. Even better, the skills they learn will stay with them for the rest of their career.

The programme costs £99.00. To improve their job-prospects now -

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