Presentation Coaching

Learn the techniques and practise - it's easier than you think!'

During interview selection processes, you’ll often need to:

  • make a brief ‘around the table’ introduction;
  • present ‘off-the-cuff’ summaries of group work;
  • deliver a pre-prepared formal presentation.

Mock presentations, guided by a professional, are the very best way to:

  • Develop a professional but comfortable style
  • Confidently handle each of the above challenges
  • Focus your ability to deliver ‘hit-home’ messages
  • Overcome your anxiety and control nerves

I run mock presentations which are tailored towards the type of work or a specific opportunity that you’re applying for. I take the time to understand what you’ll be judged against and work with you accordingly.

A session typically covers:

  • Formal visual-aid, introductory and ‘impromptu’ presentations
  • Assessing and controlling your audience
  • Selecting, structuring and displaying content
  • Staying on-message throughout
  • Managing your body language, appearance and actions
  • Using breathing, to aid voice-projection
  • Speaking exercises, to develop comfort and confidence
  • Handling nerves and overcoming hitches, when they arise
  • ‘Reaching’ your audience, to drive engagement and bonding

A first presentation session costs £80, further sessions being £40, if needed. Key benefits for you are the flexibility and adaptability of this service, delivered at any time to suit you, including at short notice, during evenings or at weekends. To go ahead and book your session -

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I’d be very pleased to have a free, no obligation, chat if you’d like to talk things through to be sure whether this service would work for you. (Email your contact details and preferred time for me to call using )

Sessions are suitable for students, school leavers, recent graduates and people building careers in either:

  • A professional services environment – engineering, IT / ICT, science, technology, healthcare, consultancy, accountancy, law, retail, sales, business development, marketing, etc.
  • Departmental or functional management within an organisation – corporate, startup, SME, owner-managed, public sector, 3rd sector
  • Leadership roles at senior level – director, C level, managing director, VP, EVP, trustee, functional head

From my side I’m a qualified management professional and have provided career, application and interview guidance to people at all levels, for many years. I’m a:

  • Lead Ambassador for National Careers Week 2017.
  • Expert live Q&A panel member with The Guardian’s online Careers site.
  • Regular guest-blogger for leading career and recruitment websites.
  • Highly experienced HR, recruitment and business consultant.

I’d very much like to work with you, and help you win that job and a great career.

Regardless, all best wishes for your job hunt,

Jon Gregory, Job-hunt specialist