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Mock interviews

“What’s the best way to organise and run a mock interview practice session and who should I do this with? Do I need to pay a trainer or consultant to help me?”

This was raised by Anna H during an out-placement training session and the answer may be quite encouraging for everyone. The prospect of an upcoming interview can be daunting if you haven’t been to any other interviews for a while. It definitely is a case of practice makes perfect.

Take the money, do what you can?

"Over a few drinks, my friends and I compared notes on how many jobs we'd each had in the five years after leaving school or uni and it turned out to be an average of 6! Is that normal?"

For most people it used to be that, when you took a job, you thought of it as an ongoing thing that would last for as long as you felt like staying, or until your lottery numbers would come up. Today the 'job' world is an entirely different place.

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