Wanting better prospects

I finished uni last year, walked into a job but was made redundant recently when the organisation took a bit of a dive. I'm back looking but I'm keen on finding an employer with better prospects for employing me over the longer haul. Has anyone got any advice on what to look for, when thinking about jobs and researching organisations?

Hello Nick, it's always a bit of a risk because you never truly know what's going on behind the scenes with any employer before you join. However, there are some things you can do to improve your odds of ending up with an organisation that may be able to offer at least medium term job stability:

  1. Consistent behaviour and responses during the recruitment, engagement and selection process will tell you a lot. Inconsistency suggests internal stresses, which in turn suggest pressure which may be financial. Any evidence of disorganisation indicates reduced chance of job stability.
  2. Look at the organisations’ recent and expected performance in their markets. If their numbers are heading the right way, so probably are your prospects.
  3. Check out any specific developments within the organisation. For example, a major new product launch suggests better longer-term prospects. A division closing suggests possible financial pressure and reduced stability, although that action could improve prospects for those remaining. Think carefully.
  4. What is the organisation’s ranking in their industry? Is that improving? Also, if their whole field is under pressure or in decline, look for the biggest organisation with the most muscle in that sector or industry - they're more likely to survive.
  5. Does the organisation have specific ambitions / plans. If their objective is to grow, it’s a good bet for stability and prospects, provided that it’s well organised and the organisation has access to adequate financial backing. If their current ambition is to cut costs, joining might be a short-lived experience!

This is really just a summary, if you need more about any particular point, please get in touch, always glad to help. Let me know how it goes anyway.

Good luck.

By Jon Gregory