Winning that next job

Designed for career professionals seeking their next role at technical, supervisory, managerial or executive level, the services below cover:

  • Upgrading your CV for more impact
  • Interview preparation and rehearsal coaching
  • Presentation coaching

Each service is fully tailored to your individual situation.

A CV to showcase your potential, not your past


Waiting for adverts on job boards is the slow route with stiff competition, low odds and no feedback.

Today, YOU have to take control.

  • Your CV must tell the story of why you’d be great.
  • Then YOU need to get it in front of the right people.

To help you with both, we take a radically different approach: you’re an expert at what you do, we’re expert at helping people show the very best of themselves, PLUS – we know what currently works with hiring managers.

Working together, we can restructure your CV into a winning document by:

  • Distilling your experience into a CV that presses the right buttons;
  • Really showcasing your unique achievements and future potential;
  • Integrating your CV with your LinkedIn profile;
  • Building an attention-grabbing cover letter / introductory email;
  • Personally coaching you on proactively targeting employers directly.

Take control of your job-hunt, sidestep the crowd and get onto a shortlist of one.

  1. We start with a telephone / skype and email consultation.
  2. Then we rebuild your CV until you’re happy with it.
  3. Lastly, there’s a coaching session on approaching employers directly.

If you struggle to get interviews from job-board applications and unreliable recruitment consultancies, this is the package for you. This is what others thought:

“I thought I was pretty good at banging my own drum, but I just didn’t know I had so much extra depth worth showing.” Jacinta L, Accountant, London

“There’s so much I hadn’t thought about, it even boosted my confidence and I found opening up conversations so much easier.” Joseph B, Environmental Engineer, Manchester

“I could sense a lot more respect and attention, even from the recruiters I’d dealt with previously.” Vilma R, Shift Supervisor, Aberdeen

“I’ve always exceeded my targets and thought that was enough for my CV. It never occurred to me there’s a value-added layer above that, it made all the difference.” Saleh M, Service Manager, Leeds

“After months with nothing, I thought I was unemployable. How wrong could I have been?” Colin M, Operations Director, Luton

EXPERT COACHING and a POWERED-UP CV costs £149.00. To go ahead:

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Interview rehearsal with professional feedback

Win it before you're in it through research, preparation and rehearsal

When you've just interviewed for that dream job, the words you never want to hear are:

"You seemed very nervous and I don't think you showed your best."

"It's a stretch, try another time."

"Just pipped at the post, sorry."

If you've got an interview coming up, or you're starting a job search and just want to be ready, a rehearsal interview with a professional is the very best way to:

  • Focus your preparations
  • De-stress those nerves
  • Perform at your peak on the day of the interview

As management and recruitment professionals, we specialise in running mock interviews tailored, structured and adapted to:

  • the specific job or job-type that you’re applying for;
  • the format and styles of questions you'll face;
  • face to face, online and full telephone interviews.

Sessions are intense and realistic experiences and we'll take you through:

  1. a preliminary consultation session so that we can tailor our work;
  2. a mock interview under full interview conditions via a video link;
  3. a verbal and written critique of your answers and approach;
  4. specific advice to further improve your performance;
  5. a second mock interview session, with feedback & advice.

In addition, you'll receive information and guidance on further preparing for interviews, complete with:

  • lists of standard and competency questions to practise with;
  • example questions for you to ask and questions NOT to ask;
  • key techniques to prepare answers to questions and control nerves;
  • specific actions to help you research information to improve your odds;
  • advice on developing your added-value, over other likely candidates;
  • Inter-personal behavioural tips that aid influencing the interviewers.

Our REHEARSAL INTERVIEW PACKAGE costs £120.00. Key benefits for you are the flexibility and adaptability of this service, delivered at any time to suit you, including at short notice, during evenings or at weekends. To go ahead and book your session -

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Presentation Rehearsal and Coaching

Learn the techniques and practise - it's easier than you think!'

During interview selection processes, you’ll often need to:

  • make a brief ‘around the table’ introduction;
  • present ‘off-the-cuff’ summaries of group work;
  • deliver a pre-prepared formal presentation.

Presentation rehearsal sessions, guided by a professional, are the very best way to:

  • Develop a professional but comfortable style
  • Confidently handle all of the above challenges
  • Focus your ability to deliver ‘hit-home’ messages
  • Overcome your anxiety and control nerves

Using a video link, our mock presentation rehearsal sessions are tailored towards the type of work or a specific opportunity that you’re applying for. We take the time to understand what you’ll be judged against and work with you accordingly.

Presentation rehearsal sessions take you through:

  1. a consultation session to help define relevant activities;
  2. an ‘around the table’ exercise to strengthen your introductions;
  3. ’off-the-cuff’ exercises to develop a confident technique;
  4. a pre-prepared presentation of an agreed suitable length;
  5. verbal and written feedback, plus specific improvement actions.

Improvement topics that you’ll cover, and be advised upon are:

  • Assessing and controlling your audience
  • Selecting, structuring and displaying content
  • Staying on-message throughout
  • Managing your body language, appearance and actions
  • Using breathing, to aid voice-projection
  • Speaking exercises, to develop comfort and confidence
  • Handling nerves and overcoming hitches, when they arise
  • Engaging with your audience and building their confidence in you

Our presentation rehearsal and coaching package costs £99.00. Key benefits for you are the flexibility and adaptability of this service, delivered at any time to suit you, including at short notice, during evenings or at weekends. To go ahead and book your session -

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