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When the spotlight's on you ...

“I’m likely to have to make an introductory speech to a group of my peers on an assessment day. Help! I don’t want to make an idiot of myself right at the start of the day. What can I do to be more confident with this and give myself a better chance?”

This was asked by Kerri at an undergraduate group training session last Wednesday and the issue is a source of anxiety to many people. The need for an ‘off-the-cuff’ introductory speech can crop up relatively often at work, so it’s always worth putting some effort in to this.

New Year Resolutions

“From a job point of view, I really want to feel a bit more secure this next year. Do you have any suggestions for any appropriate New Year’s Resolutions I could make?”

Why? Why?

"I've been for quite a few interviews in this last year but haven't been selected and I'm starting to get very discouraged. What can I do?"

Adam came across as being at his wit's end at the start of a group training session last week. I asked him to tell us about some of the interviews he'd attended and then why he hadn't been selected. Interestingly, he had only vague thoughts on why he may have been passed over in each case.

Where does he go from here? There are some essential steps to take.

"Luck, be a lady tonight."

"Your whole approach is about how to plan and prepare so thoroughly that the interview goes perfectly but then you often add the words 'good luck' at the bottom of articles or blog entries. Where does the luck come in?"

That's a very good question. We often use those words, and often unconsciously or automatically. Firstly, I am an absolute advocate of the 6Ps -

Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.

Email or ring?

"I just saw a job that looked as though it might be right up my street in my inbox. The thing is, it said I could ring up the person on the mobile number listed, or I could drop an email through. Which is best?"


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