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Using the Match & Patch Process

"What is a strengths-based interview? I'm chasing a paid internship with a large employer in the energy industry and an online posting suggests that's what I'll be facing. I was expecting a competency-based interview."

Strengths-based questions? Use the Match and Patch Process

3 quick steps to the short-list ...

“If my CV or application is only going to get around ten to twenty seconds of attention, what are the things that I should concentrate on putting in there to get me through to the interview stage?”

Although Mia was smiling at the thought of what could possibly be achieved inside only ten seconds, her underlying concern was easy to see. It greatly helps to understand how reviewers commonly attack piles of applications.

Handling 'previous failure' question

"At an interview last week, I was asked 'Tell me about a time you failed'. I really struggled to know what to do or say or how to handle it. Do you have any advice for next time?"

Face your previous failures head on, if asked about them.

Soliciting feedback

“You quite often stress the need to get feedback, if at all possible. I tend to be nervous at the thought of ringing up the very people who’ve just rejected me so what might be the best approach to take?”

Thanks for that question, Jimmy. The very first thing to do is decide not to take the rejection personally. It is possible that someone just couldn’t stand the thought of working with you because of your basic personality, but it’s rare, in my experience.

Growing stronger ...

”I’ve just started my final year at uni and will begin a job hunt fairly soon. I’m worried about how much of a challenge finding a job might be, so is there any overarching general advice you can give that will keep me going and get me through, sooner or later?”

At first glance, this question (asked via email by Rory) sounds a bit sweeping, but in fact it’s a good idea to adopt a clear strategy from the beginning.


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