"Luck, be a lady tonight."

"Your whole approach is about how to plan and prepare so thoroughly that the interview goes perfectly but then you often add the words 'good luck' at the bottom of articles or blog entries. Where does the luck come in?"

That's a very good question. We often use those words, and often unconsciously or automatically. Firstly, I am an absolute advocate of the 6Ps -

Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.

Email or ring?

"I just saw a job that looked as though it might be right up my street in my inbox. The thing is, it said I could ring up the person on the mobile number listed, or I could drop an email through. Which is best?"

Using the numbers

"I've heard that 20% of young people are unemployed and risk being largely unemployable. I didn't go to a 'good' school, far from it, and I've only got six average GCSEs. Realistically, what chance do I have?"

Interview nerves? Try the ABC technique

"I feel sick when I walk in to an interview, my voice sounds unsteady when I speak and every so often my mind goes a compete blank when I'm asked a question that is unusual or that I didn't expect. I'm okay when I settle down, so what can I do to be like that all of the time?"
Use the ABC Technique to help with nerves at interview

Aiming at promotion?

"What's the best line of approach to take when being interviewed by my present employer for an internal promotion? I don't want to appear critical of the other supervisors and managers because they'll all still be here, whether I get the job or not."

This was a question I was asked recently by someone I was helping to rehearse for a forthcoming interview and it's a very valid one.

During the interview, the best way to stand out is to try and put across two things:


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