No job lined up yet?

“Help me, I haven’t got a job lined up and I’m beginning to panic! I’m nearing the end of my time at Uni and I’ve just realised how short a time it is until my exams finish. What can I do to find work?”

First thing? Stop panicking, it doesn’t do any good! Matthew G was maxed out with uni work and had left off thinking about job applications. Suddenly, the end was in sight. What could he do now? Luckily, there's a fast way to get moving.

The best way to relieve stress is to take action. To that end, there’s a very quick and straightforward process that I recommend people follow when they’re overcome by either desperation or panic.

It’s called the A & E Process, amusingly. It stands for ‘Aim’ and ‘Engage’.

Replying to job averts can be slow and involve a lot of …………… waiting, so it’s a fast way to take action. It gives you an immediate sense of purpose, important for banishing that scary sense of sinking panic.

Firstly, take aim at prospective employers.

  1. Select the type of role that you’re a good fit with.
  2. List the fields / sectors / markets you’re interested in.
  3. Determine which organisations would be able to employ you in that role.
  4. Research their current situation, products, operations, locations, etc.
  5. For each employer, customise & tailor your CV to match their likely needs.

Next, engage with those employers.

  1. Make contact with people inside those organisations.
  2. Find out who you should submit a speculative CV to.
  3. Make contact and ask if it’s okay to send an email and CV.
  4. Follow up after a period; ask about your suitability and future opportunities.
  5. Regularly keep in touch with all of your contacts, but don’t stalk them!

If you have recently had that sense of panic, you’ll get an overwhelming sense of relief as people start to respond to you.

That feeling of wellbeing will keep you going as you continue the process and begin to cast your net wider. Getting onto that magical short-list of 1 is entirely possible with this process because you’re increasing your chance of being in the right place at the right time when a role crops up.

Obviously follow all of the traditional job-hunting routes as well – job boards, adverts, general networking – but taking this sort of proactive approach can pay you dividends in spades!

Drop me a note if you need any further advice or tips on this subject, I’m always glad to help. It worked for me so please forgive me if I get evangelical on this subject!

Good luck with it.