Personal development

"Understanding the difference between 'responsibilities' and 'results' makes a huge difference to your prospects all the way down the line."

Certainly if you don't have the right experience or qualifications then you will struggle to get considered for an interview, but if you do, why should they choose to interview you and choose to give you the job rather than another candidate?
Listing your responsibilities on your CV or application should only be used to add perspective and put you in the right frame. On their own, they won't mark you out as any different from all of the other people at your stage of development also applying who probably have the same list of responsibilities that you have.
What does make a difference is what you have actually achieved whilst you have carried those responsibilities. Since most people don't ever think of this, you have an instant way to make yourself stand taller in the selection process.
Experienced interviewers will automatically use that information to work out what value you might add to their organisation if they give you the job. So - more achievements means more prospects.
Tip of the day: "Blow your own trumpet, no one else will."
Jon Gregory, Editor


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was inspired by the information that you provided and signed up for the guidance service. It worked a treat! My next interview went 10x better and they offered me the job! Thank you so much, I'm a complete convert and will be back to look at how I can progress my career and look for promotion.
Cheers, Mel

By melanie