Winning that job

Winning That Job: A guide for students and graduates

Transform your job prospects: learn what does and doesn't work from a recruitment professional

This 200 page book is available in PDF, paperback and Kindle formats and includes material relevant for:

  • pupils and school-leavers;
  • students and recent graduates;
  • career professionals

It covers the end to end process of job-hunting, from personal preparation all the way through to starting a job. It provides in-depth information on the best-practice techniques for job-search, CV and application submission, interview preparation and handling nerves on the day.

It’s a light, easy, humourous and irreverent read built on the idea that job-hunting is a game – you just need to know how to play – and around the analogy that it’s a kill or be-killed jungle-fight where there’s only one survivor for any given vacancy.

The tools and techniques covered can cut the odds of winning a job from 1 in 100 to around 1 in 5. It helps reduce the risk of experiencing endless rejection and strongly increases the odds of you getting a particular job you really want.

For around the price of a cup of coffee, the PDF version costs £2.99 whilst the A4 sized paperback costs £12.15, including postage. Use this below to pay with Paypal or a Debit / Credit card using Paypal’s services:

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