Really nail that interview

Win it before you're in it through research, preparation and rehearsal

When you've just interviewed for that dream job, the words you never want to hear are:

"You seemed very nervous and I don't think you showed your best."

"It's a stretch, try another time."

"Just pipped at the post, sorry."

If you've got an interview coming up, or you're starting a job search and just want to be ready, a mock interview with a professional is the very best way to:

  • Focus your preparations
  • De-stress those nerves
  • Perform at your peak on the day of the interview

As a management and recruitment professional, I specialise in running mock interviews tailored, structured and adapted to:

  • the specific job or job-type that you’re applying for;
  • the format and styles of questions you'll face;
  • face to face, online or full telephone interviews.

Sessions are intense and realistic experiences and you'll get:

  1. a mock interview under full interview conditions via a video link;
  2. a verbal and written critique of your answers and approach;
  3. specific action steps to take, designed to strongly improve your performance on the day of your interview and help over-come any specific challenges or experience shortfalls.

In addition, you'll receive information and guidance on further preparing for interview, complete with:

  • lists of standard and competency questions to practise with;
  • example questions for you to ask and questions NOT to ask;
  • key techniques to prepare answers to questions and control nerves;
  • specific actions to help you research information to improve your odds;
  • advice on developing your added-value, over other likely candidates;
  • Inter-personal behavioural tips that aid influencing the interviewers.

A mock interview session costs £40. Key benefits for you are the flexibility and adaptability of this service, delivered at any time to suit you, including at short notice, during evenings or at weekends. To go ahead and book your session -

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I’d be very pleased to have a free, no obligation, chat if you’d like to talk things through to be sure whether this service would work for you. (Email any queries to and / or your contact details for me to call you.)

Sessions are suitable for anyone, (school leavers, apprentices, students, recent graduates, technicians, supervisors, managers and executives), aiming to build a career in either:

  • A professional services environment – engineering, IT / ICT, science, technology, healthcare, consultancy, accountancy, law, retail, sales, business development, marketing, etc.
  • Departmental or functional management within an organisation – corporate, startup, SME, owner-managed, public sector, 3rd sector
  • Leadership roles at senior level – director, C level, managing director, VP, EVP, trustee, functional head

From my side I’m a qualified management professional and have provided career, application and interview guidance to people at all levels, for many years. I’m a:

  • Lead Ambassador for National Careers Week 2017.
  • Expert live Q&A panel member with The Guardian’s online Careers site.
  • Regular guest-blogger for leading career and recruitment websites.
  • Highly experienced HR, recruitment and business consultant.

I’d very much like to work with you, and help you win that job and a great career.

Regardless, all best wishes for your job hunt,

Jon Gregory, Job-hunt specialist