More experience = more salary?

My salary is appalling! I think I’m worth much more. I’m a graduate and I have a total of 1.5 years of work experience. I think I should be paid more. Anyone any ideas on how I can get it?
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Hi Raman. If you really feel you're undervalued, you have 2 options, ask for a pay rise, or dust your CV off and look elsewhere. If you're going to go in and ask for more money, gather the information together before the meeting. Show your employer why you're worth more, research your market and your level to show solid data that demonstrates that you're below the pay scale you should be. Demonstrate how you add value to the role and company. If there are any opportunities where you've made the business money, or saved the business money, shout about it. You need to put together a case and justify a higher salary. The boss will have lots of things to consider when they set salaries. Don't just say 'I want more because I deserve it', show them why it should happen.
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