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Using the numbers

"I've heard that 20% of young people are unemployed and risk being largely unemployable. I didn't go to a 'good' school, far from it, and I've only got six average GCSEs. Realistically, what chance do I have?"

Interview nerves? Try the ABC technique

"I feel sick when I walk in to an interview, my voice sounds unsteady when I speak and every so often my mind goes a compete blank when I'm asked a question that is unusual or that I didn't expect. I'm okay when I settle down, so what can I do to be like that all of the time?"

Aiming at promotion?

"What's the best line of approach to take when being interviewed by my present employer for an internal promotion? I don't want to appear critical of the other supervisors and managers because they'll all still be here, whether I get the job or not."

This was a question I was asked recently by someone I was helping to rehearse for a forthcoming interview and it's a very valid one.

During the interview, the best way to stand out is to try and put across two things:


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